About Us

Our vision is of a more literate society where it is the universal right of every child and young person to access and enjoy literature.

Our mission is to transform lives through literature, especially through working with people in deprived places and challenging circumstances.

We achieve our mission through three strands of work:


Educational programmes in schools, facilitating rich learning opportunities through quality contemporary literature, interactions with diverse authors, and training for educators.


Talent development, investing in and advocating for aspiring, emerging and established writers and illustrators, especially from backgrounds which are under-represented in children’s publishing.


Community projects, providing participatory literary opportunities for and with children and young people, especially those experiencing marginalisation, isolation or who are at risk.

  1. To improve literacy standards in schools by:
    1. developing the literary practice of educators and the educational practice of authors.
    2. enhancing the reading, creative writing and illustration skills and achievements of children and young people.
  2. To improve the wellbeing, aspirations and life chances of children and young people through engagement with literature
  3. To empower under-represented voices and champion diversity and inclusion in children’s publishing.
  4. To influence policy and decision-makers by advocating for learning through literature.

Our values

We are responsive

we are collaborative, reflective, agile and adaptable

We are empowering

we are artist-led, inclusive, enabling and influential

We are passionate

we are playful, vibrant, imaginative and empathetic

We are enterprising

we are risk-taking, experimental, innovative and ambitious

Our policies