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Pathways Plus


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where are Pathways Plus sessions going to be located?

  • We’re in the process of confirming a venue for the sessions to be hosted, for those that have purchased a hybrid package. We will confirm     the location of venues upon confirmation upon the Pathways Digital Learning platform. This will be a London based venue. On rare occasions, there may be a small number of sessions that are online only sessions, but this will be communicated in advance.


Q) What is the class size for the Pathways Plus programme?

  • We understand the value of the opportunity to engage with Children’s Publishing Industry professionals on the Pathways Plus programme, and we do not want to remove this opportunity. We therefore keep our class sizes manageable, and will allow a maximum number of 40 participants in each session. That said, due to the hybrid nature of the programme, we cannot yet estimate the number of participants who will be engaging either online or in person.


Q) How long will each session last?

  • Each session will be a full day event. They will begin at approximately 10:00AM, and conclude at approximately 5PM. These times are subject to change though, and will be communicated with you on a session by session basis, when you make a purchase and it’s confirmed with our session tutors.


Q) Can I withdraw from the course?

  • All our sessions are pre-programmed, and this includes the booking and pre-payment of tutors and venues based on purchased numbers. Therefore we ask you only to purchase the programme if you’re able to fully commit to the entire programme, as we cannot offer refunds based on withdrawal. We quality assess all content to ensure high-standards are kept, and we would ask that in the unlikely event you were dissatisfied with the programme, please communicate this with us and we will do our best to rectify the situation.


Q) If I am attending online, can I still come to some classes in person?

  • You can only attend in-person sessions if you have purchased the “Hybrid” Pathways Plus programme. Any purchasers of the “Online” programme will be limited to only online engagement, through Zoom and the Pathways Digital Learning platform. That said, there may be some exceptions to this, such as in the case of social events, and this will be communicated accordingly when there is an exception.


Q) Will I be given a certificate at the end of the course?

  • There is no official certification or accreditation given for completing this programme. However, the course is delivered by, and developed alongside Children’s Publishing Industry Professionals, and you will gain exposure to these professionals whilst taking the programme.


Q) Is there going to be any assessment on the programme?

  • There is no formal assessment in the programme. That said, some sessions may include informal peer and tutor feedback, along with “homework” tasks.


Q) Do I have to be over a certain age to attend the programme?

  • All participants must be aged 18+, however there are no upper age limits to participate in the programme.


Q) Can I choose to buy just an individual module, instead of a full programme? 

  • Individual modules, and sessions within those modules may become available to purchase at a later date and in future programmes, subject to availability. For now though, you can only purchase the full programme option.


Q) Do I need to be a UK resident?

  • Non-UK residents are able to purchase the Pathways Plus programme, but will be expected to have a good understanding of the English language, and be able to fully engage with the programme according to UK time zones.


Q) How do I access the sessions and session content?

  • You will receive an invite to access our Digital Learning platform before the commencement of the programme.


Q) When will the programme commence?

  • The confirmed programme dates will be communicated using our Digital Learning platform as soon as they’re confirmed. Currently, the programme is scheduled to begin in May 2023, concluding in March 2024. Though this is subject to change. We will endeavour to schedule all sessions on a Saturday where this is possible, although for some sessions this may not be possible. “Weekender” sessions in Module 3 will run on consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday. Session times will also be communicated on the Pathways Digital Learning platform.


Q) What materials are required for the programme?

  • All materials should be provided by yourselves. You should have access to a wide range of traditional and digital illustration materials. Any specific materials that are required to complete the programme, will be communicated to you on the Pathways Digital Learning platform in advance of the session.


Q) How will the organisers evaluate the programme?

  • To ensure the high quality of the Programme and experience for all participants, the Organisers will evaluate all aspects of the organisation and delivery of the Programme. Such evaluation may include:


  1. The Organisers checking in on a one-to-one basis with some participants, in order to monitor the quality of the experience of participation, progress and impact, general satisfaction. 
  2. The learners fully participating in evaluation activities as and when required, including: taking online surveys at several stages during the Programme, which surveys will include a quality assessment of all learning;
  3. taking a survey 12 months after the Programme has finished to consider the immediate impact of the Programme on the participants progression and career
  4. taking a survey 24 months and 36 months after the Programme has finished to consider the longer-term impact of the Programme on the participants progression and career.


Q) What insurance do the organisers hold? 

  • The Organisers hold appropriate levels of Public Liability Insurance to deliver the Programme. However, the Mentee is responsible for their own property, including computer equipment, during all Programme activities and the Organisers will not be liable for any property that is lost or stolen or damaged or otherwise affected while the Mentee is travelling to attend, or in attendance of, any activity related to the Programme.

If you have any more questions, please contact pathways@pop-up.org.uk