Common Threads

Connecting communities of young refugees, asylum seekers and migrants across the UK through children’s books and stories.

We are seeking to pilot a children’s literature festival especially for young asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, their families and support workers. We are currently exploring funding opportunities and hope to get it off the ground in summer 2021.

Through this project, we want to provide 1,000 3-25 year-olds with children’s books, supported reading groups, and day-long creative workshops at local libraries led by the writers and illustrators of their books. Translators working in languages spoken by the young people would be on hand to support the authors. Writing and illustration produced by the young people in the workshops, and contributions from all the authors, would be curated and stitched together into a tapestry of stories, connected by their common threads.

By facilitating intimate, meaningful interactions between children’s authors and some of the most at risk and stigmatised young people in the country, this project will develop a sense of connectivity through story to others. It will also develop the young peoples’ literacy and English-speaking skills in the face of widespread cuts to ESOL and other service provision.

If you’re interested in supporting or participating in this programme get in touch by emailing