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Explore our groundbreaking Rainbow Library collection of the best writing and illustration from Basildon to Belfast and beyond.

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What is the Rainbow Library?

The Rainbow Library is a groundbreaking LGBTQ+ inclusive children’s literature creation and publishing project.

Throughout 2022, 60 young people in seven cities (Basildon, Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow, Inverness, Belfast, Cork) in the UK and Ireland took part in workshops with LGBTQ+ writers and illustrators. Through those workshops, the writers and illustrators developed new queer-influenced stories, while the young people developed their own writing and illustration.

Acclaim for The Rainbow Library

I’ve really enjoyed [the workshops], there’s never been anything like this available to me before, and it’s been really nice to see other people my age with similar interests in creative arts.

Rainbow Library participant

The workshops have been so interesting and helpful.

Rainbow Library participant

In a world where LGBTQIA+ young people are so often frozen out of the narrative, marginalised by society due to their identity, and oppressed at an institutional level, projects like The Rainbow Library are truly imperative in helping them find and channel their voice.

Rainbow Library tutor