Pop Up Festival will provide an excellent opportunity to re-engage children in learning and reignite a love of literature at the start of the new school year. In response to rising cases of Covid-19 and concerns about the safety of live classroom events, we have made an important decision:

Pop Up Festival will take place online this Autumn. 

This decision was made in response to schools’ increasing concerns about receiving external visitors so soon after pupils’ return, the recent rise in cases of Covid-19, and the paramount need to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all who are due to participate in Pop Up Festival.

We are working with authors to develop an online offer that maintains all of the benefits of our in-person workshops. 

Over the last few months, we have learnt a great deal about remote learning experiences. Our Pathways programme, for aspiring illustrators, has been taking place online since lockdown began. We have consulted with authors who have been offering online workshops, as well as a remote facilitation expert. We are confident that we will deliver an online experience that features the high levels of interactivity, engagement and quality that you expect from Pop Up Festival.
We strongly believe that literature has an important role to play in supporting children to process the events of recent months, both through reading books which enable them to reflect on their own experiences, and by using writing as a form of creative self-expression.
A Deputy Head in Kent recently told us:

“Since COVID-19, the majority of our pupils have missed at least one whole term of school. Whilst lockdown has led to some gaps in learning for our students, it paused their progress in social communication skills, leading to a deterioration in well-being. The positive buzz created by Pop-Up Festival will help our pupils regain their confidence, skills and motivation, as part of the recovery curriculum being implemented in school this September. The authors always stimulate a freedom and confidence for pupils to express their thoughts, feelings and worries. This will be vital in reducing the potential stress or trauma caused by living with coronavirus.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send an email to

The Pop Up Education Team