Pop Up Creators: Zuzanna Drozynska

Zuzanna Drozynska is an Art and Design Foundation student at Banbury and Bicester College, continuing her practice at University of West of England studying BA Illustration. Zuzanna is a multidisciplinary creative who’s work consists of vivid colours, flat perspectives and comical imagery. She was mentored by Latvian artist Oskars Pavlovskis and her leporello has been published by Nobrow Press.

Where did you find inspiration for your story?

My graphic story is called What If, about a theatre ticket inspector’s aspirations of becoming a ballet dancer. The initial ideas came from the theme of my final major project at college, which was about shoes, identity and stereotypes, and especially focusing on occupational and gender stereotypes. My mentor from Latvia, Oskars Pavlovskis, helped me develop and improve the storyline, especially in making the character more relatable and likeable and adding small details in the background.

What were some of the challenges you faced?

The timeframe we had to complete the story and working in the format of a leporello were definitely the hardest parts of this project. I also wanted the narrative to be universal, for anyone of any age, background and language – which was very challenging.

What style did you use for your artwork and why?

I’ve always loved playing around with different colour palettes and flat shapes but I have never made a comic or used this style of drawing before. It was exciting to be able to experiment and learn something new! To make sure the storyline is readable by anyone of any nationality, I tried to pay lots of attention to the composition and use of colour to draw attention to each of the panels in a way that the viewer’s eye naturally follows the story.

See the full leporello here