Writing my Book was the Most Frightening Decision I Ever Made

We are delighted to share another guest post this month. Na’ima B. Robert is the author of She Wore Red Trainers, Far From Home and many others. In this post, originally published on Na’ima’s blog, she reflects on her experience with writing her book, From My Sisters’ Lips, and the importance of claiming your identity. 

My life changed the moment I made the decision to write my book, ‘From My Sisters’ Lips’. 

You know those moments in your life where you come to the fork in the road and have to choose a direction or the other? And the one you choose determines the trajectory of the rest of your life?

Yeah, like that.

Choosing to speak my truth, to tell my story and the stories of my sisters, to share my message about choosing to live as a Muslim woman in the west, was the most frightening – and most liberating – thing I have ever done. Because of that decision, I was able to touch the lives of thousands of women and men around the world. I was blessed to travel, to speak, to collaborate, to contribute, to make a real impact. Being the first woman in niqab on GMTV was nerve-wracking. Being the first woman in niqab on Newsnight was terrifying. Going up against Melanie Phillips on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze was petrifying.

But I did it.

And that was because I had already made the most difficult decision of all: to be seen.

To be heard.

To write my book.

And that is why I am challenging you today: when are you going to lean in to your fear, your self doubt, your excuses, and claim the identity that is waiting on the other side.

You are fearless.

You are brave.

You are committed.

You are sincere.

You are a source of light and solace.

You are enough.

I invite you today to claim that identity. That book that you are carrying inside you doesn’t belong there. It should be out in the world, doing the work it was meant to do. If you know that you have a book inside you that is dying to come out and do good in the world, let’s talk. I have been there before, multiple times, and so have my clients.

Let’s see how I can help you across the bridge of fear to make your dream of writing your book come true.

I’ve opened up a few slots next week. Grab one if you are ready to commit the time, energy and resources to making this happen.

Your book is needed.

The world is waiting.

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