10 Years of Making a Difference - Pop Up

Celebrating ten years of making a difference

2021 was a milestone year for us here at Pop Up Projects. It saw us celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and what a decade we had.

When we set out on our journey, we had no idea our small non-profit with big dreams would make it to its 10th birthday – or that over 100,000 children would come on that journey with us. 

Nothing could stop us – not austerity, Covid or the tensions of a deeply divided society. In fact these conditions only spurred us on. Because divisions need to be bridged. Because books build connections to other people, places, worlds. Because good words build good worlds.

Children’s literature is magic. Its spirit empowers voice, forges identity, fosters wonder, builds relationships between us, lights up the dark, and kickstarts revolution. These are the bricks that Pop Up is built from.

What Pathways does so brilliantly is to provide access to a wide range of industry professionals who give a real insight into the publishing world.

Elorine Grant Art Director, HarperCollins Children's

These books promoting individuality, acceptance and kindness are just lovely. They're beautifully written and the illustrations are exquisite.

Rob Biddulph Children’s book author and illustrator

The Pathways experience created a unique space for me to learn from art directors as well as university lecturers and illustrators. It was a great opportunity!

Sahar Haghgoo Illustrator and Pathways Mentee