Pop Up Lab in Peterborough

Pop Up Lab is our practice-sharing conference for educators and authors, and Lab programmes revolve around hands-on activities and opportunities for creative dialogue. Pop Up Lab 2017 at Peterborough Central Library focussed on visual storytelling and literature-in-translation.

It was attended by 100 delegates and facilitators from across Europe in the literature, publishing and education sectors. Contributing organisations included PositiveNegatives, the UK Government Art Collection, Metal Culture, Centre for Literacy in Primary Education and Stephen Spender Trust. The keynote conversation was led by Sarah Ardizzone with the French writer Bessora, exploring her graphic novel Alpha: Abidjan to Gare Du Nord as way of exploring complex issues such as migration. International illustrators worked with delegates to create a large-scale mural on Peterborough Central Library windows.
Download the report below to see the full programme!

“I don't know of another conference which engages with teachers and incorporates publishers, and people from literacy organisations around the world. From my experience as a publisher the teaching profession is often a closed shop and it is really important to open that up to influences from other countries, cultures and professions and that is what makes Pop Up Lab so interesting.”

Sam Arthur, Nobrow