The Corona Collection – A conversation

A pamphlet of poetry incorporating children’s voices and perspectives on the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Pop Up recently worked with children’s poet Cheryl Moskowitz to publish a collection of poems drawn directly from children’s experiences of life during the Covid-19 lockdown. For children, the lockdown represents everything from a surprise holiday and intimate time with family to the separation of friendships, the trauma of parental unemployment, and untold grief for lost loved ones.

Driven by the urgency of the situation, Cheryl conducted distanced interviews with children in her North London community – including the children of key workers, as well as parents and teachers. The resulting poetry, inhabiting the voices of those who were interviewed, serves as a snapshot of this extraordinary, unprecedented experience from the perspectives of young people.

Pop Up published a small print-run pamphlet edition of the collection, distributing it free to some of our partner schools and libraries. Resources supporting educators and parents in using the poems as a springboard for valuable conversations with young people were provided alongside the collection. Get in touch through the link below to get a class set of print copies for your school, or sign up to our newsletter for a digital copy!

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