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Through our education activities we create rich learning opportunities for pupils and educators in schools across the UK. We especially strive to improve the literacy standards of schools in deprived places and challenging circumstances, harnessing the imagination and expertise of the best contemporary children’s authors. Our inclusive and outcomes-oriented literature programmes are designed to appeal to any age or level of ability, and can take place anywhere – from rural villages to inner cities. We work across whole schools, key stages, and year groups as well as with individual classes. Each project revolves around quality contemporary children’s books and each experience is tailored responsively according to the needs of the class. Our education projects are proven to improve the literary practice of educators and enhance the creative capacity, confidence and imaginative self-expression of pupils.


We filmed two of our storyteller sessions, Marion Leeper and Kimba Bush, at Waddesdon Manor festival as part of our summer Pop Up Festival. Watch here! Funded by the Rothschild Foundation.


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