Pop Up Festival for SEND

Pop Up Festival for SEND is a nationwide annual literature festival that brings high-quality books and diverse authors into special schools  to engage pupils with SEND in reading, writing, visual literacy, and storytelling.

Pop Up Festival for SEND

We collaborate with schools and education providers to develop an enriching programme delivered over the summer term:

  • The programme is suitable for all ages (3-18 years) and needs, including sensory and PMLD;
  • The workshops take place in special schools with SEMH with LD, PSCN, and SLCN/ASD designations*;
  • It immerses pupils in reading, writing, and storytelling to improve literacy, communication, and wellbeing;
  • It upskills, empowers and resources teachers to use accessible literature in SEND classes in fresh and creative ways.

*Classes can choose to meet their authors at local libraries, museums, galleries, heritage, and outdoor spaces, connecting books and stories to places and local history.

Our standard offer includes:

  • One book to share between two pupils – which class teachers select from our recommended list of those we think may be most appropriate (which we purchase at discounted rates from our publishing partners)
  • Author-generated tailored resources – for the teaching staff in each class to use to deepen pupils’ engagement with their selected book in the run-up to the festival
  • The festival culminates in an inspiring, participatory, workshop-based visit by the author/s of your selected books – one for each participating class

Optional extras – you can also choose to receive:

  • Additional copies of your selected books for your classes – one per pupil
  • A bespoke author-led Teacher CPD session – this can be with a small group of participating teachers, up to 30 teachers per author (i.e. all the teachers in the school), delivered in-person or online, and as a Twilight, half or full day workshop based session
      • For the purpose of providing you with a

bespoke quote, 

    • or more information, please email send@pop-up.org.uk.

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