Connecting literature & outdoor environments for young readers & writers

Connecting literature and outdoor environments for young readers and writers!

We have a long track-record of programming children’s literature activities in cultural venues and outdoor spaces, producing 100’s of author events in diverse spaces from Tower of London to Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Jewish Museum to Bletchley Park, Ironbridge Gorge to London Zoo.

We want to promote outdoor learning contexts as stimuli for deeper exploration of stories, deepening engagement with books and inspiring creative writing and illustration. Books Outdoors brings teachers, authors and venue educators together to produce new resources for primary and secondary classrooms. The resource pack will connect case study children’s books to diverse natural, rural, agricultural and outdoor heritage sites in Shropshire, Cambridgeshire and Kent. It will be available for free on this site later in 2017.


PARTNERS: Greenwood Centre (Shropshire) / Acton Scott Historic Working Farm (Shropshire) / Flag Fen (Cambridgeshire) / Chatham Historic Dockyards (Kent)


SUPPORTED BY: Ernest Cook Trust