October 30, 2018

Literature Outdoors: Resources for your School

With a grant from Ernest Cook Trust, Pop Up Projects designed a project creating immersive literature experiences for pupils at two schools in two outdoor learning spaces. This project was based on a connection between a book, an author, an outside location and a class of pupils. Two sites, in Lincolnshire and Shropshire were identified and approached in August 2017, and were then each matched with a local school and a suitable book and author. The schools received copies of their chosen book, which they read, before meeting the author as part of an outdoor learning day at the site in December 2017. The visits inspired pupils to read more books with outdoor themes, and led to writing outcomes produced with their teachers in class.

Based on this experience, Pop Up Projects has created a resource which teachers, schools or nature organisations anywhere can use to create their own outdoor literature experience!

You can view the full resource here