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Arti Braude

Arti Braude is an illustrator and art director based in London. She spent her early childhood in Hong Kong surrounded by art and popular culture from across East Asia, and learnt to draw from her favourite cartoons and comics. She has wanted to illustrate her own stories ever since.

Influenced by bold, cinematic art direction from feature film and animation, Arti is especially drawn to magical realism, fantasy, and horror comedy genres. She is happiest making character-driven work, and considers it a bonus if she gets to draw a raven. Her art and stories both explore themes of identity, struggle, and most of all, hope.

Outside of her creative pursuits you’ll find her making friends with the local cats, and wishing it was Halloween all year round.

Instagram: @artibraude


Through Pathways I hope to meet other artists and benefit from the mentorship of industry professionals. I can’t wait to start sharing my stories.

Arti Braude Pathways Into 2023 – 2024