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Cabbi Charles

Cabbi is a London-based author/writer. As well as working in education, she continued making and printing of textile goods.

Representation based on her lived experience drew her to children’s books and fast became her passion as she discovered the wide range of illustration styles. Working initially in pencil, watercolour and digital, she is always looking to explore interesting ways to tell a story. 

Cabbi is looking forward to developing her art practice as an illustrator and writer of picture books and middle grade titles. She has enjoyed self-publishing picture books and has been shortlisted, winning an award for her manuscripts.

Instagram: @cabbicharles

I chose to apply for Pathways as I feel it will give me the space to revisit and explore the creative buzz I have had since I was a child, to draw, write and make something unique from it.

Cabbi Charles Pathways Into 2023 – 2024