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Chris Reinhardt

Chris is a London born artist and illustrator. 

Taking inspiration from the fine arts and exceptional illustrators, his emphasis on storytelling through a visual language is apparent across his richly narrative works.

This, combined with his deep understanding of children’s literature within education, allows his illustrations to be a springboard for discussion with young readers. His use of character and props take proactive steps to address issues of representation and identity within his work, whilst encouraging curious minds to ask more questions about the world in which they share.

Chris’ love of cartoons has had a strong impact on his interest in developing characters. Matched with a fine arts background and a love to explore traditional and digital media, Chris’ visually stimulating work aims to inspire the unique voices of young storytellers and artists.


Instagram: @chrisreinhardtillustrations


Profile photo credit: @laura_simonsen_photography

Chris Reinhardt Pathways Into 2023 – 2024