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Cintia Nguyen

Cintia is a Hungarian and Vietnamese artist based in London. After graduating from university, she worked in the travel industry because she was amazed by the world and fascinated by different landscapes and cultures. As she realised that she missed being creative, she started to study illustration in Hungary. After completing her studies, she had become obsessed with picture books and developed a drive to design.

Her favourite materials are gouache paints and coloured pencils with a digital touch-up at the end. She is interested in artworks which capture the mood with dynamic compositions and textures. Cintia is fascinated by children’s books which have tender stories with painterly illustrations. Also, as an owner of a rescue dog, she would love to make a story about rescuing dogs someday. Her other favourite themes are nature, travelling and the little joys of everyday life.


I’ve been always looking for opportunities to bring my illustrations to the next level. I believe Pathways will open many doors for me. It will give me an understanding of book production and the confidence to work with publishers, as well as help me to take my first step in the industry. I am excited to study children's book illustration to work towards the career I’ve desired for years.

Cintia Nguyen Pathways Into 2023 – 2024