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Circle Yuen

As an illustrator and feminist from Hong Kong, Circle Yuen has been challenging cultural norms by recording stories of separated families with co-parenting and re-shaping the narratives through the art of visual storytelling.  It is her aspiration to uncover the unheard voices through graphic narratives. Circle is now studying the MA Children’s Book Illustration at ARU’s Cambridge School of Art. She also launched a picture book titled Today is Friday: A Story of Living Apart, Time Together with her team to address gender-based violence and family restructuring that resonate with thousands of families on a similar journey. It has been selected in the long-listed project for the Unpublished Picture books Showcase 3 in 2022.

Instagram: @circleyuenlokling


Joining the Pathways has been a wonderful experience for me. Being able to observe how illustrators work with art directors in a professional creative process has been eye-opening and incredibly inspiring. I feel like this experience has provided me with a deeper understanding of the industry and will help me grow and nurture my work as an illustrator. I am so grateful for this opportunity and excited to see where it takes me!

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