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Elena Statham

Elena is a self-taught painter, digital artist and photographer. Mordovian, born in Tajikistan, at the end of the ancient silk road, she grew up in a multicultural environment full of spice, colour and traditions. Her inspiration comes from happy memories and precious moments that she tries to preserve in her pieces. After living in the heart of Tokyo for 8 years, her art style, influenced by Japanese culture, intertwines traditional “Suibokuga” and modern “Kawaii” with bright rays of sunshine. She loves mixing different media, bright colours and tiny details which fill her illustrations, hoping to inspire curious minds in young readers.

Instagram: @statham_elena

My friend encouraged me to apply, after days of hesitation I braved myself to give Pathways a chance. By the end I told myself there’s no harm in trying. The day I got an acceptance letter by far was the happiest day I’ve had in a while! I couldn’t believe myself that I am the one of the lucky ones to have the opportunity of a lifetime! I can’t thank them enough for giving me a second chance to learn and create!

Elena Statham Pathways Into 2023 – 2024