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Gunja Bhatt

Gunja Bhatt is currently residing in Reading, UK. Having lived in USA and India, she has been fascinated by folk stories and she enjoys drawing and painting since childhood. In 2009, she pursued Post Graduate Diploma in Illustration from Maharaja Sayajirao University. Afterwards, she worked as a full-time illustrator as well as a freelance artist, which includes versatile projects of illustrating characters, conceptualising environments and storyboarding.

In 2021, she got an opportunity to collaborate and illustrate a self published children’s book titled “Always Here” written by Kristina Loudon, which elevated her confidence and she is now determined to develop specialisation in illustrating for young readers through Pathways into Children Books.

Her ambition is writing and illustrating story books with inspiring stories of an immigrant’s life, to help children discover unique life experiences, embrace cultural changes, diversity and inclusion. She aspires to get a representation in agency and work with top publishing companies in UK.

Being a passionate en Plein Air Painter, she loves exploring and experimenting with “COLOURS” and enjoys painting with watercolours, gouache and inks.

Instagram: @artistgunja


I am incredibly grateful to have this career advancement opportunity for specialisation by Pathways into Children Books and eager to learn everything about publishing industry from the professionals along with building network. Especially, I desire to find out my voice as a storyteller,learn writing skills, and gain a clear vision to develop my own artistic style.

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