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He Zhu

He Zhu is an illustrator and artist from a multidisciplinary background in journalism, history, and education. In 2021, she finished the MFA Illustration programme in Edinburgh College of Art.

He Zhu’s artwork combines experimental drawings and paintings with visual narratives. She is obsessed with the uncertain, untidy, uncontrolled mark-making process with real-life materials. Textures formed by the human touch can always bring her a sense of safety and existence. Besides, visual storytelling offers her an opportunity to communicate her sensations and perceptions with the outside world. He Zhu always find her inspirations from films, memories, shadows, reflections.

Instagram: @he_zhu_zhu

Website: www.hezhuzhu.com

Communicating with young readers through my illustrations has always been my dream. This pathway programme is a valuable opportunity for me to develop my artworks for children’s publishing. Thank you for selecting me as a mentee! I can’t wait to embark on my journey to explore my visual language for young readers in the pathway programme!

He Zhu Pathways Into 2023 – 2024