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Kelly Zou

Kelly Zou is an Edinburgh-based illustrator who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Illustration with distinction. She got Merit Award in iJungle Design Awards, she has been longlisted in World Illustration Awards in Children’s Publishing, she is the author of the comic book – “Micro Drama” and the illustrator of the children’s book – “The Lost Flower Children” by Janet Taylor Lisle published in China. She also has two degrees in Information System Management, but after six years of working in the IT industry, she decided to make a change and came to Scotland to pursue what she truly loves.

Kelly’s work is mostly informed by her experience and thoughts. She loves reading books and regenerating ideas from them. She often goes outside with her sketchbook to gather visual materials and explore the beauty of nature. Some meanings and philosophy behind her works are also based on her own understandings about life. Kelly uses both traditional materials and digital tools, sometimes she combines both to get special features.

Instagram: @kelly_zxj


I am so excited about being accepted by Pathways Into Children’s Publishing programme, it makes me feel I'm closer to my dream.

Kelly Zou Pathways Into 2023 – 2024