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Leanne Coelho

Leanne Coelho is a Portuguese/South African children’s illustrator and writer working from a cosy studio in Hertfordshire.

She is drawn to crayons, the texture of coloured pencils, sketches and rough-cut collage-style drawings creating quirky, whimsical characters inspired by nature, culture, word-play and the small things that make a big difference in everyday life.

She studied graphic design in London and is a self-taught illustrator with extensive work experience in varying fields, giving her an eclectic source of inspiration to draw from.

She has worked as an illustrator in design studios and as a freelance artist and has exhibited in both South Africa and London.

Creating work that encourages resilience, imagination, empathy, courage, curiosity and a sense of wonder in the world is very important to her, as an LGBTQIA+ artist, creating stories that show everyone, in every way in our world influences the kind of art she makes.

Instagram: @leannecoelhouk

Website: https://www.leannecoelho.co.uk/

I'm beyond excited to be a part of the programme! I look forward to working with and learning from industry experts, bringing all of my work over the last few years together to create the stories I’m so driven to make.

Leanne Coelho Pathways Into 2023 – 2024