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Lewis Houghton

Lewis James has had a passion for story telling and illustration ever since since he can remember. For most of his working live he has been a graphic designer, drawing and illustrating for self published authors on the side of his day job. After the pandemic he made a clear choice to throw himself into illustration, wanting to follow his dream of writing and illustrating his own stories.

In 2022 he was chosen to have his work published in Dapo Adeola’s collection of short stories “Joyful Joyful” alongside 39 other authors and illustrators of colour. His style is a mix of traditional drawing and digital painting though he is looking forward to exploring new mediums on the pathways course. Lewis has a strong love for stories with magic and fantasy at the forefront and would like to work on middle grade and chapter books.

Instagram: @thesketchwiz

I'm so excited to be accepted on this course, I'm looking forward to being surrounded by others who share the same love for children's books and illustration that I do!

Lewis Houghton Pathways Into 2023 – 2024