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Lillian Ip-Koon

Lillian Ip-Koon is a British-Chinese illustrator and UX designer who grew up in East London. Lillian describes her illustrations as, ‘dramatic depictions of otherwise adorable characters who get caught up in fantastical adventures’. She enjoys bringing elements of fantasy and magic to her work and aspires to tell more stories of her own.

Lillian mostly works digitally with an art style that takes influence from her love for animation and games – particularly Hayao Miyazaki’s approach to storytelling. Lillian majored in Illustration during her undergraduate degree and later studied a postgraduate degree in User Experience Design. Lillian’s passion for illustration and UX design has led her to create Cantochat in 2021. She is currently working with her team to produce a narrative-based mobile game aimed to encourage and support learning Cantonese, her heritage language.

Instagram: @lillian_ipkoon

Through stories and illustrations, new generations learn the values of life which in turn collectively shapes our future- which is why it’s so important we have stories about everyone in our world.

Lillian Ip-Koon Pathways 2019 – 2021
Children's illustration of a girl sat on top of a big dog