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Mekeisha McDonald

Mekeisha ‘Meisha’ McDonald is a self-taught illustrator of Caribbean heritage who lives in London. Her artwork explores her childhood obsessions, traditional tales, Black history and mythology.

Meisha enjoys creating artwork using ink, markers, water soluble mediums and digital mediums to weave the weird and wonderful worlds she dreams up. She has a passion for creating characters inspired by her heritage and incorporating natural and unconventional objects into their designs. Her sketchbooks are her playground.

Meisha’s dream is to create an illustrated young adult book and hopes that her work will inspire others to create too.

Twitter: @mekeisham
Instagram: @mcdonaldmeisha

Pathways has been life-changing for me in terms of the relationships I’ve built with my fellow mentees and the invaluable knowledge I have gained.

Mekeisha McDonald Pathways 2019 – 2021
Children's illustration of a space monster chasing two children running with cake