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Nami Ralph

Nami studied Art and Design at art college and moved onto a career in museums and galleries after finding a passion for curating. Whilst working on exhibitions and being surrounded by art, she felt inspired to pick up a pencil again and became interested in exploring illustration. Nami attended courses in drawing at the Putney School of Art and the Royal Drawing School which inspired her to develop skills in illustrating children’s books.

Nami was keen on pursuing more formal instruction in illustration and the opportunity to be a mentee on the Pathways into Children’s Publishing programme presented itself. Through her experience on the programme, she has been able to enhance her skills further and build a vibrant and energetic portfolio. She has continued to tap into her curatorial background when approaching her illustrations, where she often spent time on research to inform her response to briefs.

Nami’s artwork style is playful, colourful and warm. Her love of storytelling is demonstrated through the characters she creates, and the details she surrounds them with. She uses watercolours, gouache, pencils and digital platforms to create her illustrations. Her love of the everyday is demonstrated continuously throughout her artwork, and she often draws inspiration from work by Edward Hopper, Norman Rockwell and Judith Kerr.

Twitter: @namiralph
Instagram: @namiralph

The variety and depth of the courses that were delivered by Pathways helped to increase my skills and knowledge and they also contributed in raising my confidence as an illustrator.

Nami Ralph Pathways 2019 – 2021
Children's illustration of a young girl in a single bed with pink duvet yawning before bed