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Natasha Taroghion Budd

Natasha is a British born artist and illustrator of Iranian, English, Chinese, Irish heritage who is based in London. Her journey to the pathways programme has been a wiggly one from studying graphic design to being a primary school teacher; most recently teaching art in state schools.

Natasha uses mixed media and different printmaking forms. It was experiences as a teacher that inspired her to begin creating picture book work. She has studied specialist illustration and drawing courses at Putney School of Art and the Royal Drawing School.

Natasha finds it hard to describe favourite illustrators as there are so many and hasn’t stopped collecting picture books since she was a child. Natasha aspires to share stories that reflect the diverse experiences of world wide communities. She believes that no one is too old for a picture book!

Instagram: @natasha_tb_illustration

I feel so privileged to have been offered an amazing opportunity to try and realise my ambition to become a children’s book illustrator. It is great that Pathways has been created to equip people like me with the resources to open up an industry that can feel hard to access.

Natasha Taroghion Budd Pathways Into 2023 – 2024