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Poorume Yoo

Poorume was born in Seoul, South Korea. Throughout her life, she has been interested in discovering the world and how cultures are represented through the eyes of others. She has been passionate about drawing from a young age, especially illustrations in her 20s during her travels in Europe.

Poorume moved to London in 2014 and worked as a Service Designer at the BBC, Ford Motors, and other tech companies. She also worked as a freelance creator and storyteller in Seoul, Paris, and London.

In early 2021, Poorume expanded her digital artwork to the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artspace. Her NFTs have been exhibited both in physical and metaverse galleries. In 2022, Poorume published a book called in South Korea, to introduce her NFT art knowledge and experiences.

Poorume has a strong passion for influencing diversity and inclusivity throughout her creative artefacts. She believes that through story, it would bring a positive impact to people to celebrate the differences of cultures and identities.

Poorume Yoo Pathways Into 2023 – 2024