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Poppy Li

Poppy is a self-taught Taiwanese illustrator based in London. She uses gouache, colour pencil, pastel, ceramics and digital techniques to create stories. Poppy is an extremely curious person who really enjoys losing herself in nature and looking for patterns, colours, inspirations and magic. Nature and organic forms fascinate her and she tends to bring them into illustrations.

Poppy’s work ” When it starts” was selected for “The Children-Spectators ” exhibition for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2021. In the same year, she also published her first picture book” Here I come to you” by My House Publishing Co.

After tasting being a picture book illustrator, she fell in love with creating story-telling illustrations and ready to start her Pathways journey.

Instagram: @poppyli.art

Website: https://www.poppyli.art

Pathways is like a lighthouse to me, guiding me through everything that I need to know. It is a real life-changing journey for me to have confidence in building up my dream career.

Poppy Li Pathways Into 2023 – 2024