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Regina Mayr

Regina is a London based illustrator who finished her Master of Arts in Children’s Books and Graphic Novels at Middlesex University in 2021 with distinction. Before that, she studied illustration in Hamburg, and worked in different occupations in Germany and Ireland.

A keen observer by nature, Regina weaves everyday occurrences into stories for her books, from small, whimsical tales to intricate, moving stories both young adults and those at heart can enjoy. Her artistic goal is to capture those stories in lighthearted, accessible, yet serious enough ways, creating a viewpoint to think in different ways about what the reader sees and experiences every day.

Regina is looking for agency representation and publishers to collaborate with for her own stories and illustration projects.

Instagram: @regina_illustration

Webpage & Portfolio:

Having just finished my Masters degree, I am excited to learn more from teachers, peers, and publishers via the Pathways program and find my foothold in the professional world of illustration.

Regina Mayr Pathways Into 2023 – 2024