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Rumbidzai Marilyn Savanhu

Rumbidzai Marilyn Savanhu is a Zimbabwean-born, Birmingham-based illustrator and writer with a strong sense of colour, composition and pattern. For Rumbidzai, these are the most important elements of her process when approaching visual storytelling. She works mainly digitally with Adobe Photoshop and Procreate but she likes working from her sketchbooks when experimenting with new ideas or media.

Rumbidzai’s main interests are fashion, film, history and music; she loves incorporating these elements within her work. She draws inspiration from various artists and filmmakers including Guillermo del Toro, Satoshi Kon, Gyimah Gariba, Sachin Teng and Tiffany Ford. Rumbidzai is passionate about representation and accurate depictions of people within stories and often combines her culture with her art when creating work.

Twitter: @marykeepsgoing
Instagram: @marykeepsgoing

Pathways has given me a lot of freedom to explore my art while receiving expert feedback from the publishers. I want to see more stories of black children living and having adventures. I want to be a part of creating dreams for those children.

Rumbidzai Marilyn Savanhu Pathways 2019 – 2021
Illustration of three people