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Rupia Aktar

‘When I grow up, I am going to be an artist’. True to Rupia’s words, this is what she has been striving to achieve ever since.

Sparked early-on by a fascination for detail and desire to retain things in memory; realising this was impossible, she learnt to draw with precision.

For her, illustration is about capturing the essence of an object or subject building a memory-bank of personalised visuals, thoughts, imagination; referenceable and shareable with others.

Compelled to illustrate; with its power to stir emotion, open conversation, record personal or shared history, rejig and design; illustration is an instigator of change.

Scraps, shadows, music, misunderstandings, experiment; are all additives to her work.

Her goal is to shed light on fresh perspectives, untold stories and unearthing truths.

She envisions a fair world; waste-free; where everybody achieves their dreams; fuelled by image, word or book.

Instagram: @wealthofillustrations

Introduced to colourful depictions of different worlds, my love for art grew with picture books. Pathways into Children’s Publishing, reawakens a flurry of emotions, supporting the belief, ‘what you imagine, is what can be’. I’m excited to learn from peers and professionals, this takes me a step closer to realising thoughtful yet marketable art.

Rupia Aktar Pathways Into 2023 – 2024