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Sahar Haghgoo

Sahar Haghgoo is an Iranian-English illustrator living in London. Sahar is inspired by nature, people around her and the things she sees during the day and in everyday life.

Sahar creates her illustrations through digital and mixed media techniques, and has a love for theatre, making connections between theatrical scenes and her llustrations.

Sahar’s first illustrated children’s book, Here Be Monsters, was published in 2021 as part of Pop Up Project’s ‘10 Stories to Make a Difference’ collection.

Twitter: @saharhaghgoo
Instagram: @sahar__haghgoo
Facebook: @sahar.haghgoo

The Pathways experience created a space to learn from art directors at children’s publishers, as
well as a number of university lecturers and illustrators. I have learned a lot about the children’s publishing industry from Pathways.

Sahar Haghgoo Pathways 2019 – 2021
Book cover of children's book, Here Be Monsters