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Sarah Underwood

Sarah is a Deaf/ HOH and ND artist with a BA from KIAD and a Masters Degree from Cambridge School of Art. She has a 15-year career in the children’s publishing industry and has painted several sculpture trails across the UK to raise money for local charities.

Sarah was awarded the Margaret Carey Scholarship by SCBWI and has exhibited her work in many exhibitions including Southwark Arts forum for Tower Bridge where her work was voted by the public to win their award. She is passionate about supporting disabled people in the arts and has worked for a local charity for disabled people, running workshops for children as well as after school arts groups in children’s bookshops. She also volunteered as an artist at the Imagine Festival at the Royal Festival Hall supporting Inclusive Minds and has run workshops for the British Museum, Wellcome Trust and House of Illustration where she ran and managed a series of family days for disabled and Deaf children and won a Creative Consciousness Award from Unilever for this work.

Instagram: @sarahundart

“I am thrilled to have been accepted onto the Pathways into Publishing programme. It is such a uniquely rare opportunity to be taught in an accessible educational environment. I am so excited to build my confidence and develop skills in storytelling and sequential narrative, my own visual language, but most importantly drawing on my personal experiences in order to support children and young adults and encourage confidence in their own identity. It’s such an honour to be given this opportunity and a turning point in my life.”

Sarah Underwood Pathways Into 2023 – 2024