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Seohwa Roh

Seohwa Roh is a Korean illustrator and writer living in London. Seohwa’s illustrations are inspired by moments of daily life, the arts, nature and literature. Her artistic style aims for simplicity and delicacy, principally using digital media.

With a background in drama and film at university, Seohwa has always been interested in creating stories. She believes picture books have the power to make people feel better by giving them a space in which to contemplate and by touching their heart directly. Seohwa hopes her art can deliver a compassionate message, especially to young readers, who need unlimited love and encouragement.

Instagram: @seohwadoodles

I feel so excited to be a part of the Pathways Into Children's Publishing programme. I am very happy to have such great mentors and colleagues, inspiring me and helping me to learn. I hope this precious opportunity will bring my dream of publishing picture books closer to fruition.

Seohwa Roh Pathways Into 2023 – 2024