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Shirin Karbor

Shirin Karbor is an Italian-Iranian illustrator and designer based in Edinburgh. An advocate of traditional drawing techniques, Shirin’s work features a world of lively characters and humorous narratives inspired by her love for classic animation and Italian comics from her childhood.

Shirin studied Graphic Design at Gray’s School of Art, but is predominantly self taught in the realm of illustration. A love for design surfaces in her work as bold and expressive lines, and she has a mild obsession with geometric abstraction in architecture which is often photographed on a whim and stored for future ideas.

Exploring the links between creativity and wellbeing, Shirin has worked with various charities and schools using drawing as a tool for building confidence and showing that art is accessible to everyone.

Instagram: @shirinillo

Meeting people from diverse backgrounds was highly unusual for me, I was used to being the one who didn’t fit in and suddenly I did.

Shirin Karbor Pathways 2019 – 2021
Children's illustration of a cat sat on a purple armchair