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Sneha Alexander

Sneha Alexander is a self-taught painter and printmaker who grew up in the Midlands. She uses linoprint, watercolour, and oils to create both real and fantastical worlds. A Barbican Young Visual Artist, Sneha has recently led a cyanotype workshop for the Barbican, exhibited work for Grow Wild (Kew Gardens), and had one of her paintings featured on Grayson’s Art Club (Series 3, Episode 6).

Sneha’s work often investigates myths, folklore, and relationships to land. Her primary inspiration comes from nature, with a particular interest in the political context of people of colour in rural spaces. Through children’s literature and illustration, Sneha wants to bring to life stories that centre the experiences of non-white characters in the English countryside – challenging the monochromatic way such areas are often depicted and affirming in children a sense of belonging in the natural world.

Instagram: @sneha_aoishi


When I discovered Pathways into Children’s Publishing it felt like a completely unique opportunity! I’m thrilled to be starting the course, and taking the first step on my illustration and storytelling journey.

Sneha Alexander Pathways Into 2023 – 2024