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Violeta Zamora-Agg

Violeta Zamora-Agg is a self taught illustrator from Costa Rica who has centered her practice on developing character designs and illustrations for the children’s market.

With a multidisciplinary background in design, communications and audiovisual production she wants her illustrations to capture movement, rhythm and emotions by experimenting with collage, textures and unique colour combinations.

She likes to depict the curiosity, humor and adventure hidden within simple moments of life and to create relatable, lively and fun characters.

Her process is a combinations of digital and analogue techniques; she also likes to incorporate personal objects in her work and create unique textures with all kinds of surfaces and painting materials.

She has taken part in a variety of workshops lead by accomplished illustrators from diverse cultural backgrounds to learn different points of view and possibilities for making picture books. She has also been mentored by Orange Beak.


I’m looking forward to knowing more about the industry and the publishing process. I hope to make long lasting connections and to be guided by top industry professionals, developing a larger body of work and growing my skills as an illustrator in an inspiring environment working alongside the other mentees.

Violeta Zamora-Agg Pathways Into 2023 – 2024