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Yasmeen Ismail

Irish-born, Bristol-based Yasmeen Ismail is an award-winning author, illustrator and animator. Yasmeen studied at art school in her hometown, Dublin. After graduating, Yasmeen moved to London where she worked on many different projects ranging from advertising and short films to children’s publishing. After a few years of working hard in London Yasmeen changed career and began writing and illustrating picture books. Her illustrations are bright, fluid and full of energy and movement. She loves to work with anything that will give her bright colours and good marks on the page. Yasmeen loves to experiment and expand in all areas of her work and is constantly trying new ways to improve her writing and drawing. Yasmeen has now illustrated over 15 books and has written 12 of them.

Yasmeen was the Winner of the World Illustration Awards (2020) and the V&A Best Book Illustration Award (2014). Yasmeen also won the New York Times Best Illustrated Book award (2014).