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Zenovia Grant

Zenovia Grant describes herself as a born creative; only leaving school with 3 GCSEs (Spanish, PE and Art) she realised that she wasn’t the ‘typical’ academic as it was clear the ability to express herself was where she found her peace. With a passion for the arts in all forms, Zenovia went on to launch a multi-award-winning community organisation that used the arts as a vehicle of change engaging children and young people from inner London Boroughs. Despite the organisation closing, Zenovia continues much of her work within her full-time role as a SEND specialist for local government.

She sees daily how important representation through communication is and the Global pandemic provided space for her to fall back in love with the arts as she wrote and self-published a children’s Book called ‘Taye’s Hairy Adventure’. Embracing the journey and not looking back remains a surreal feeling for her but one she is proud to embrace and has inspired others along her way.

A passionate self-taught digital illustrator who is determined to push boundaries, break the moulds and represent the under-represented, Zenovia believes that equality is more than just an eight-letter word and that If you see it, you can be it. That the lack of representation has created unseen barriers, and bias reduced learning opportunities within the literature world and beyond.

Taking inspiration from societal events and the African and Caribbean diaspora’s culture and identity, Zenovia uses vibrant colours, textures, playful imagery and sketch finishes to push boundaries within her illustrations.

Instagram: @zen.to.paper

Website: https://iamzenovia.wixsite.com/zenovia-grant/home

When I came across the Pathways programme and looking at the alumni and everything they’ve achieved after I felt so overwhelmed with the potential and possibility. The level of mentoring and the advice and guidance is invaluable. I had dreamed of doing something like this but I never knew such a brilliant life changing programme really exists and I can’t wait to see who I become.

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