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Zhi Ling Lee

Zhi Ling Lee is an illustrator originally from Malaysia who now calls London her home. Zhi Ling’s illustrations are driven by her love of magical and fantastical tales, mixed with a dash of humour. With a background in software engineering and IT, she brings a unique perspective to her art – a duality wherein whimsical illustrations are anchored on thoughtful concepts and solid design principles.

A bookworm since childhood, Zhi Ling is excited to now weave her own stories through drawings of charming characters and imaginative worlds. Knowing how much joy illustrated children’s books have brought throughout her life, she hopes her work invokes the same curiosity and wonder in a young reader.

Zhi Ling was named as a Highly Commended Illustrator in the Faber-Andlyn FAB Prize for Illustration in 2020 and 2021.

Twitter: @curiouszhi
Instagram: @curiouszhi
Facebook: @curiouszhi

My Pathways journey has been an enriching experience. I am now working on building in an education practice in my art career to ensure I am giving back and helping children foster a love of books and reading.

Zhi Ling Lee Pathways 2019 – 2021
Mock book cover called 'Mochi and Me'