September 6, 2017

Examples from the Classroom: Emma Vickery, St. Johns Church School

Pop up activity in the classroom – encouraging creative writing.

Last Friday, my class completed the task following on from the activity I learned about in my Pop up training, based on the work by Herve Tullet. The children followed instructions on what to paint and were moving around constantly so that they had all contributed to different parts of our class design! Starting with small dots, the children were then instructed to draw circles around dots of increasing size, then adding a few lines to give the shape a few more characteristics (legs, arms, eyelashes.) I then instructed them to choose their favourite to then add even more features to and make it their own, with some very creative results! Some made theirs look like animals (jellyfish were popular!) or characters they recognised (Mike from Monsters Inc.) We even had an astronaut! I then asked them to write a few notes about their character, thinking about what they are like, what they smell like, what they are like to touch, who they are with, how they move and where they are. This was a really good foundation for writing as the children were engaged, and had a clear picture of their character in their minds. I let them choose what sort of writing they would like to do based on their character; a wanted poster, a poem, a story.


N.B- There are images of this activity in this document ! >>>>>>>  Pop up activity in the classroom