June 27, 2017

Hello, and a recap!


It was great to meet you all at the first set of sessions and I look forward to seeing you all again when I will rejoin Andrew in September.
It was wonderful to see you all happily mark making and drawing by the end of each session. I hope you all felt you gathered confidence to go on to draw even more now and see it as a natural way for planning and developing your writing practise. Illustration can be another layer of meaning, not just a separate action or to decorate what you’ve already written. If we see it as a valuable partner, not as an afterthought activity – then it can really enhance our writing process.
Hopefully it can be helpful in your classrooms too with your pupils, especially those that might find the beginning of a writing task a little daunting. Maybe coax hesitant writers to be able to develop more naturally their creative writing skills.
There are many ways to draw also, no one way fits all, so take time to find a way you enjoy – collage, drawing on photos, black and white, 3d models, stamping, pictograms etc.
And finally the links below are to highlight some of the things we discussed in the first sessions, I hope you find them helpful.



Doodling, Sunni Brown Ted talk.

Herve Tullet

Art workshops for children
Press Here

Shantell Martin