July 5, 2017

Teach / Write CPD course: Different Every Time

One of the things I used to love about my life as a freelance writer (before I scuttled off Academia) was the fact that every day would be different. I’d be working with young offenders or with primary school kids or with secondary school pupils about to sit an exam, and each time I’d have to adapt my approach slightly, be a slightly different version of myself and shift what I had planned in order to make it work in that particular space on that particular day.

Each of our CPD sessions, in each other there three regions we’ve begun working in, has been different (and will continue to be so); people arrive with slightly different expectations, slightly different interests or worries and each of those teachers’ classrooms will be different, a unique space with its own atmosphere made up of the bodies and personalities of whoever happens to be in attendance on a particular way.

Therefore it seemed to us that we needed to develop a program that would be both structured and have a clear direction of travel, but would also be flexible to each classroom. On this blog, we’re going to see how different teachers have taken the different ideas we’ve begun discussing and adapted them to their classroom, how they’ve made it work within the structures and confines of their institution- it’s going to make for fascinating reading!

Andrew McMillan