The Corona Collection - Pop Up

The Corona Collection – A Conversation

A unique poetry collection of children’s voices and perspectives on the pandemic.

In partnership with one of our authors, Cheryl Moskowitz, we connected thousands of children with The Corona Collection – A Conversation: poems inspired by responses collected from Cheryl relating to life for children in the age of Covid-19.

Using her talent for capturing children’s perspectives and using recent interviews with children themselves, during lockdown Cheryl wrote a brand new collection of poems (The Corona Collection – A Conversation), recording their thoughts, questions and experiences while they live in a world turned on its head by the coronavirus pandemic. She asked them these questions: Suppose you woke up tomorrow and it was a corona-free world, restrictions all lifted. Where would you go? What would you do? What new rules, if any, might you put in place for a safer, happier world?

These poems could be used to spark pupil discussions about how lockdown has affected them, their families and friends, to learn about how children in other parts of the UK feel similarly (or differently) to them, and even inspire them to write poetry of their own. 

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